Anapakaya - Opo SquashOpo squash (or Bottle gourd/ Calabash) is a delicately flavored vegetable of the cucurbita family. It is one of the chief culinary vegetables in many tropical and temperate regions around the world. Opo squash is a fast growing, annual climber (vine) that requires adequate sunlight for flowering and fruiting. It can be grown under wide range of soils and require trellis to support spread.

Opo squash is a super low calorie vegetable, providing just 14 calories per 100 g. It is one of the vegetables recommended by dieticians in weight-control programs. It facilitates easy digestion and movement of food through the bowel- it helps in relieving indigestion and constipation problems. Opo squash is also a moderate source of vitamin-C (100 g of raw frit provides 10 mg or about 17% of RDA). Vitamin-C, one of the powerful natural antioxidants that helps human body scavenge deleterious free radicals one of the reasons for cancer development.

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